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Christmas Wreath Workshop 2017

The Adore Wedding Christmas Wreath Workshop will take place on Thursday, 21st December 2017, 1 to 4pm. The workshop will be held at the Adore studio in Ballito.

Participants may choose from one or more of the below options:

Deck the Halls:
Hardy textured foliage wreath

Christmas Cheer:
Pretty Wreath with textural foliage base and a merry combination of red and white florals

Jingle Bells and Whistles:
Luxury wreath with textural foliage base and premium florals in the Christmas pallet. Will include orchid heads.

Tea and coffee will be provided.

Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you are unable to attend the workshop but are interested in purchasing an Adore Christmas wreath, please let me know and we will send you through our options as well as the cost associated to each.

We so look forward to creating a bit of Christmas floral magic together!

Industry Love

Anyone who knows me knows how much I just utterly adore my job. Being a part of someone’s special day, walking alongside them through their wedding planning process, the privilege of getting to know them, very often building a new friendship along the way, celebrating their ups and downs and then getting to design and create amazing beauty especially for the celebratory start of their marriage to one another,it is an incredible honour and joy. I LOVE what I do. That being said, it is hard work. Often it is crazy hard work. Long hours, deep sacrifice, often having to be an unconventional parent and spouse, bone deep exhaustion … it’s definitely not always sunshine and flowers … hearing kind, honouring words from an industry friend is like being given an enormous hug at the end of a long day ❤

I have so much respect for the wedding co-ordinators/florists/decor people of our industry. On Wednesday they are at the market with a team and multiple vehicles to collect the order, afternoon they are prepping flowers, Thursday and Friday their team is at the venue setting up - hard labor! Saturday they are co-ordinating the event, until late at night. Sunday they are clearing, cleaning and packing up. They are lucky if they get to their families on Sunday afternoon. Monday and Tuesday are the only days left for admin (emails, meetings, invoicing, stock take, marketing etc etc) Where do they get time off???? They work so much harder than you will EVER know. Thank you for making the weddings that we photograph run smoothly and look so beautiful. THANK YOU! .

This is the ever so lovely Carolyn and Maxine of Adore Weddings and Events doing their thing for Gen Fletcher.”

Derryn Scmidt thank you for this awesome moment, and thank you for your words! Getting to do work (and life, and motherhood, and friendship) with you is such a delight. We love working together with you and fellow wedding friends like you to create magic and share love … also, we get to create for such incredible people, and play with beautiful flowers … what is not to love about our jobs?

We’re in the process of updating our blog!

Thank you very much for your visit! It’s been an incredible few season’s at Adore, and in preparation for our re-brand, we are busy updating our website and blog, woo hoo! Please grant us a few week’s grace as we update our 2015 to 2017 weddings … so excited to have everything online for you to peruse soon.

I hope you have a glorious day!

Yours in love and flowers,

Carolyn and the Adore Team xxx

Keryn & Byron’s Softly Romantic Wedding

Keryn and Byron’s wedding was a bit of an Adore Family wedding. Keryn has on occasion joined us to create pretty with us as part of the team, and Byron is our very own Jessie’s brother. It is actually because of Ke that Jessie crossed our path and ended up joining the Adore team! The love already ran deep for this special family before a single bloom had touched a vase for their wedding!

Ke and By’s wedding was the epitome of soft romance, and was a flower lover’s dream. Everywhere the eye looked there was an abundance of flowers - my heart overflowed! Getting to love and bless a couple with the work of our hands is always an honour. Getting to do it for an Adore “family member” is an extra joy. By and Ke, we love you both immensely. We wish you a lifetime of gentle love, heartfelt laughter, travel, adventure and warm light. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so choosing us to create for your special day. Bless you and your special families always xxx

Catering The Farmer’s Daughter
Dress Casey Jeanne
Hair & Make-Up Juliet Downes Make Up
Flowers & Decor Adore Weddings
Photography CC Rossler Photography
Stationery Ruby & Swallow
Venue Orchards
Videography Josh Hundermark Films

Georgina Grace Hall - The Adore Family has Grown!

The reason we’ve been a little quiet o the home front … Georgina Grace Hall has entered our lives and hearts in the most beautiful way. She joined us 5 weeks early, and is absolutely perfect in every way. How adorable is this little hat the team had made for her? Exactly one week old today - my heart overflow. Thank you everyone for the incredible outpouring of love and support over the past few weeks! There are no words for the amount of love and appreciation to you all xxx

Georgie Grace, one week old. My Little Flower Fairy x

Sneak Peak - Zak & Mailin’s Enchanted Flower Filled Zulu / Norwegian Wedding

The first words Mailin ever said to me were “I love that your website is full of flowers, I love flowers so I want you to do our wedding” … best start of a working relationship ever!!! Flowers are what Mailin loves, and flowers are what Mailin had in abundance to celebrate this beautiful day. I absolutely loved being a part of this wedding!!!

Planning a wedding as a bride from Norway is TOUGH, but Zak is by far the most gracious, attentive, generous-hearted groom we’ve worked with to date. He handled the vast majority of liaising and on the ground decision making throughout our time together and it was a pleasure. Zak, we are fans! It has been a privilege to witness just how beautifully these two compliment one another and how graciously they have dealt with the logistical challenges of conducting both their relationship and wedding planning while being based at opposite ends of the world. Their relationship is a testament to the depth of their love, willingness to communicate, and their desire to live life together. I am so happy you get to have the rest of your ever after with one another from now on!

So excited to share the full wedding with you friends, but for now enjoy these beautiful sneak peaks from Vanilla Photography. Have a beautiful day friends xxx

Venue: Orchards
Photography: Vanilla Photography
Band: Beat Route
Catering: Aubergine
Cake: Murphy’s Bakery
Hair & Make Up: Nixon
Planning, Flowers & Decor: Adore Weddings

Sneak Peak - Lana & Herman

The first time Lana came to visit me she said “I love flowers and I want a lot of them at our wedding”. I knew right then and there that we were going to get along beautifully, and I was right! It was an absolute pleasure to get to create and make pretty for Lana and Herman’s beautiful wedding day. They are just the sweetest couple, and I am so honoured I got to be a part of their celebration. I’m so happy to share these beautiful images by Kate Martens Photography with you! Wishing Lana and Herman a lifetime of beautiful memories and joy xxx

Photography: Kate Martens Photography
Venue: Orchards
Dress: Bridal Manor
Flowers & Decor: Adore Weddings

Alex & Vaughn’s 1st Anniversary Shoot

I love the way a love story grows deeper over time, I love the way shared memories and experiences add a richness and depth to a relationship over the years, and I love the beauty of a marriage that encourages and grows these qualities. Alex and Vaughn chose to celebrate their first anniversary with a gorgeous shoot, and their continuing, growing love as they walk life together is so evident in these beautiful images captured by Vanilla Photography. This couple is just too special. Thank you for choosing me to play and make flower pretty for your shoot guys! Here’s to the next 50-something years of anniversaries. So much love to you both xxx

Photography: Bron Vanilla Photography
Hair & Make Up: Camilla The Make Up Artist
Dress: Bride’s own by Casey Jeanne
Venue: Camp Orchards
Flowers: Carolyn Adore Weddings

Making Art

There are some people in this life of mine who stretch, challenge, nurture and grow me every single time we work together. Jacki Bruniquel is one of those special humans. It is with thanks to Jax that I even figured out I could make pretty with flowers and decor in the first place, in the kindest way she bullied me into helping her out with a styled engagement shoot for clients - you can see it here, and my world opened into a million new directions from that one day. Monday’s styled shoot resonated with the same energy I felt at that first incredible shoot. It’s not every day you’re on set for almost six hours working to create the perfect shot. Monday blew my mind. I hands down loved it! A new challenge, approaching styling in a different way, working with delicious texture as opposed to beautiful blooms, learning, learning, learning about what does and doesn’t translate from ground to lens … it was incredible. I loved it. And I love that this is the first of a series we’re planning on creating. Thank you Jax for stretching and inspiring me. Thank you Guy for being willing, thank you Julia and Liz for the support and love, and thank you Drew for being the genius you are.

Ang & Justin - Gorgeous High Glamour and Love

Oh my goodness, talk about high glamour and sheer beauty! I LOVED dreaming, styling and creating with Ang for her and Justin’s gorgeous wedding day. Not only is this special lady incredibly beautiful, she has a beautiful heart and is an amazing ballet teacher too!

We chose to focus all florals at this wedding on the gorgeous waterside ceremony arch, and in Ang’s bridal party bouquets so that they became true focal points. In the reception, we went skyward; with gorgeous, lush foliage hanging installations over every table, and a river of gold sequin and candle light on the tables themselves. I completely adored the delicious contradiction of reversing the “normal” by having light focused below and focal features above! The results were gorgeous.

Ang and Justin, I wish you both a lifetime of love, happiness, friendship and adventure together. Thank you for choosing me to help bring your vision to life. It’s been a honour! All my love in the world to you both xxx

Hair Drew Christie
Make Up Lindsay Nixon
Styling, flowers & decor Adore Weddings
Photography Jacki Bruniquel
Venue Eagles Cry

Andrea & Bester

Andrea and Bester celebrated their special wedding at Talloula on a glorious late Autumn day. I loved Andrea’s fresh, quirky take on her wedding look. From Nautical stripes, touches of rose gold, raw wood and clear glass to giant hand made paper flowers - creating and celebrating with this special couple was such a joy! Andrea thank you so very much for choosing me to make pretty for your wedding, and to go BIG with your bouquet! Thank you too for being the reason I got to meet Glynnis and the Talloula team, what a blessing and joy! All my love in the world to you and Bester. Wishing you a lifetime of joyful love and happy adventures together xxx

Venue Talloula
Photography Elrike Gericke
Flowers & decor Adore Weddings

Ryan & Laura

My sister’s wedding! I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

With a very special thank you to the community of Eston for being an integral part of being able to put together such a beautiful day. Our family is deeply grateful to all of you - you know who you are xxx

Catering: Et Voila
Dress: Julia Ferrandi
Decor, Flowers & Planning: Adore Weddings
Photography: Jacki Bruniquel
Hair & Make Up: Nixon
Venue: Hope Valley, Gwahumbe, Eston

Cath & Dev

Cath and Dev celebrated their marriage at Cath’s incredible family home in Salt Rock. I absolutely LOVE a garden wedding overflowing with the love and helping hands of family and friends, and that is exactly the kind of love filled celebration Cath and Dev had! Thank you both so very much for roping us in to tie your various elements together, create a little flower crown and hanging magic, and inviting us to be a little part of your magical day. We loved every single minute of it!

Blessings, abundance and a life of joy to you both. So much love xxx

Catering Food Matters
Coordination Emily Lockhart
Hair & Make Up Nixon
Decor Settings
Flowers Ballito Country Flowers
Styling, flower crowns and hanging installations Adore Weddings
Photography Duane Smith
Videography Hellmot Productions

Nicks & Coops Beautiful Boho Marsarla Wedding

This was a wedding after my own heart! Abundantly rich texture, a marsarla colour palette to play with, and a completely bohemian feel - be still my wildly happy heart! Our brief had me excited from day one! Nicks and Coops were married on the most beautiful Autumn day on the South Coast. Between the gorgeously wild banana trees and the endless Indian Ocean, we have been spoiled for choice with beautiful backdrops for this incredible day. We really are so blessed to get to live in KZN!

A very special thank you to Kate Bain from The Wedding Company SA allowing us to dream and create for this beautiful celebration. Another very big thank you to Lara Rattray for capturing all the beauty so perfectly!

Nicks and Coops, your love and happiness is so evident in these images. Wishing you both a lifetime of joy together.

Enjoy the love friends xxx

Dress: Kathrin Kidger
Photography: LarLar
Wedding planning: The Wedding Company SA
Flowers and decor: Adore Weddings

Amy & Benj’s Autumn Midlands Wedding

This wedding … this wedding! I loved every single minute of it! From the first time I met with Ames to discuss her day, to selecting her flowers, to setting it all up … even to packing it all away the next day, I just loved this wedding! It was such a pleasure to be a little part of the magic and love, thank you for choosing me to make pretty Ames and Benj! You are both just the loveliest humans and it has been a joy to get to know you. Wishing you a lifetime of adventure, joy, good memories and love xxx

To see the full wedding visit the Summertown Pictures blog here. Enjoy all the beauty friends!

Venue: Orchards
Photography: Summertown Pictures
Catering: Food Matters
Cakes: Lemon Canary
Stationery: Stephanie Greene
Flowers & Decor: Adore Weddings

Sneak Peak - Benj & Amy

These two beautiful souls were married at Orchards on one of the most perfect Autumn days of this year. These beautiful sneak peaks by Summertown Pictures make my heart happy just looking at them. I hands down loved this wedding. From the very first time I met with Ames to discuss her vision, there was the most beautiful, deeply happy heart connection. Being a part if this special day was both a privilege and delight! Benj and Ames, you are both just beyond lovely. I can’t wait until you’re home so I can drink tea with you and hear all about your honeymoon! Love & Light to you both.

Enjoy friends x

Jason & Justine

Jason and Justine celebrated their wedding on one of the most perfect days Early Autumn had to offer in Eston. Golden light, the warmth of love from family and friends, and the joy of committing to one another. The best light for one of the sweetest people I’ve met. Justine, thank you for choosing us to play with flowers for your special day! You are just lovely, and it has been a joyful delight!

Blessings, joy and happiness to you both always xxx

Flowers & Decor Adore Weddings
Photography Colin Browne Photography
Venue Shalywn

Shaun & Fay

Shaun and Fay are two of the most chilled, in love, and beautiful souls you’ll get to meet. Fay’s gentle boho heart and Shaun’s sense of humour and fun were an integral part of their family and friend filled celebration. As a South African heading back home to get married, I dealt with Fay via email for her entire flower planning process and in the end she gave me free reign to bring her heart’s desires to life … always my favorite way to work! Thank you Fay for trusting me to make pretty for your celebration. It was such an honour to get to be a part of your wedding. Wishing you and Shaun the best life of travels, adventure and love together always! Love these incredible pictures by Casey Pratt Photography, they capture the heart of this day and this couple perfectly!

Photography: Casey Pratt
HAMU: Charelle McAllister

Sneak Peak - Shaun & Fay

A few absolutely gorgeous sneak peaks from Shaun and Fay’s wedding at the Hatchery this past weekend by Casey Pratt Photography! Hair and make up by the immensely talented Charelle McAllister.

Shaun and Fay, sending you and your special families the most beautiful congratulations. Here’s to a lifetime of love, laughter, adventure and joy together! Thank you for choosing me to be a little part of your special day. All my love xxx

Julian & Michelle’s African Boho Wedding Part 2

The second half of this wonderful wedding is up! Enjoy friends x

Here’s the list of our amazing team:
Venue: Nambiti Hills
Decor: 2Quirky and Adore Weddings
Flowers: Adore Weddings
Hair & Make Up: Make Up by Charelle
Dress: Casey Jeanne
Cake: Nambithi Hills
Priest: Simon Radford (082 4455 477)
Photography: Jacki Bruniquel

Julian & Michelle’s African Boho Bush Wedding

Michelle and Julian have been together for years, have two beautiful girls together, have moved countries, moved continents, changed careers and built a life together … and in April they tied the knot! It was such a delight to get to create, dream, and play with Michelle’s South African bohemian bush vision for their day. They had a small, intimate wedding weekend at the beautiful Nambithi Hills with their closest friends and family. I loved how beautiful, laid back and happy the entire day was! They started with a game drive, followed by breakfast with all their guests. What a beautiful way to begin a wedding day! It really set the tone for the remainder of the special celebration; which included a gorgeous outdoor bush ceremony set in the ruins of an old farm house, bridal party pictures in Africa’s wide open spaces, sunset cocktails on Nambithi Hill’s front deck (that view!), an enormous, wildly unstructured bouquet, and an elegant African boho reception. Not to mention endless hand made decor details created especially for the day by Michelle in person. It was a stunner.

A special mention needs to be made about Michelle’s ridiculously GORGEOUS wedding dress, a custom design by Casey Jeanne. It was an absolute show stopper! I still have dress day dreams about it.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures by Jacki Bruniquel friends. More to follow tomorrow! Love & light x

Here’s the list of our amazing team:
Venue: Nambiti Hills
Decor: 2Quirky and Adore Weddings
Flowers: Adore Weddings
Hair & Make Up: Make Up by Charelle
Dress: Casey Jeanne
Cake: Nambithi Hills
Priest: Simon Radford (082 4455 477)
Photography: Jacki Bruniquel