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Murray & Emma at Netherwood

I loved this family, and I use family (singular) deliberately. Em and Muz had been sweet hearts for just short of a decade when Muz proposed and Em said yes, so it really was just a formality joining two families to one - and their mutual love and respect for each other showed. Theirs was a day of love, fun and a deep, peaceful happiness. Em is possibly the most easy going, calm, laid back bride I’ve ever had the joy of meeting. Not even a marquee blowing away during a crazy Midlands storm the evening before her wedding was enough to get her ruffled. All decor, arrangement and styling was done by Em’s incredibly gifted Mom, Donna Walker. I absolutely loved the exquisite, fully grown fever trees that were a pivotal part of the decor - talk about high impact. This was a wedding to remember and to love! A very big thank you to the Walker and Burton families for allowing me to be a small part of your very special day.

Muz and Em were married at Netherwood, images compliments of Jacki Bruniquel Art and Photography.