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Luis & Nicole’s Enchanted Forest Engagement Shoot

I am completely thrilled with how beautifully this shoot turned out! Jax and I dreamed up this fun, different, mysterious and romantic Enchanted Forest engagement shoot for the loveliest couple, Luis and Nicole’s engagement shoot. The shoot was based at Bishop’s Seat in Eshowe’s Dlinza Forest, and we were very blessed to get to work with some of our favorite friends in the wedding industry.

A very big thank you to the dream team: Jacki Bruniquel and her assistant Tash for the photography, Drew Christie from Evolve for the AWESOME hair, Charelle McAllister for once again working her magic with make up, Stu for being the general run around slave labour / problem solver / fire maker / heavy lifter and extra set of hands, Nikita Shaye Singh from Love & Cheese for the beautiful cheese cake, Tracey Laubscher from Olivelli Durban for the stunning black wedding dress, and the team from The George Hotel in Eshowe for their awesome hospitality. And most of all, thank you to Luis Dos Santos and Nicole Carreira for being such stars and putting up with our creative antics! Blessings to you both for your wedding in February, I can’t wait to see your wedding pics! Styling, decor and flowers by Adore Weddings and Events.