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Derrick & Louwna

Derrick and Louwna got married, and I had the joy of making the bouquets and flowers crowns! How completely gorgeous is this bride’s smile? I’m in love with the fun, happy love so evident in this wedding. Christy from Pickle Photography was on hand to capture this beautiful day, and she did a brilliant job! Go have a look at the full wedding here. Enjoy the love friends!

Cam & Dina’s Engagement Shoot

A few months ago, Bronny, Tia and I hopped into my car and meandered down the South Coast to meet two high school sweet hearts who were recently engaged. Cam and Dina live on Dina’s beautiful family farm, with views over endless ocean and a river running through their land. Right on the river’s edge, where Cam proposed to Dina, we set up our shoot - how incredibly romantic? It was such a pleasure to meet this special couple (and their dogs, who were right at home in front of the camera too!).

Cam and Dina will be getting married on the farm in May, an old shed is being converted into a beautiful venue space! I think it is every farm girl’s dream to get married back home on the farm, Dina you lucky lady! This is going to be such a special day for you both, much love and happiness to you. I wish you a lifetime of adventure and joy!

Enjoy these pretty pics friends!

Photography: Bron from Vanilla Photography
Hair & Make Up: Tia from Nixon Make Up
Flowers & Styling: Carolyn from Adore Weddings

Pierre & Jolene

This is an immensely personal wedding for me. Jo has been one of my boho soul sister friends for over 7 years. We met at the beer tent at a music festival in the mountains, and have been adventuring either together or apart ever since. No matter where our respective adventures take us, we are always in touch. Jo is the kind of friend I won’t see for months (usually because she is floating to exotic places and sharing her light all over the world), but every time we reconnect it is as if we’ve never been apart. The very first time I heard Jo speak of Pierre, there was a sparkle in her voice … I had a feeling this was a very special man. When I met him I knew Jo had found her perfect match, he is even as tall a skinny as she is! I love the way his eyes light up when he looks at her. He is a keeper for sure! I love these two happy hippy travelling adventuring tallies!

Pierre is good friends with my good friend Jacki Bruniquel - isn’t this a crazy small world? Jax got the honour of shooting this wedding, and she did such a grogeous job! A couple of pictures follow below but please go have a look at the full post here, is it well worth the visit.

This was my first experience working at Cairn of Old Kilgobbin and I loved it! Not only is the space absolutely beautiful, but Carl is a pure delight to deal with too. This wedding has me completely sold on a day time celebration, so much so that Chris and I will be following suit for our own wedding in November!

Enjoy the pretty friends. Pierre and Jo, love you guys xxx

In Jo’s own words:

Sometimes the best plan is to not to really have a plan, well thats how we operate anyway. No order, no seating arrangement, no colour scheme, no fuss & no traditions. All we wanted was to celebrate our love and union with friends and family. Just soaking in the real reason of being together.

And when we reflect, thats is what our wedding day was. Lots of laughter, tears, honesty, feasting, joking, merriment, rolling down hills & dancing in the rain. It was our day, it was us and we did it our way!

We are deeply grateful to all our service providers for just going with the flow with us. We wouldn’t change a thing. And the ever so lovely, dearest and talented Jax… we would only ever pick you!!!

Venue: The Cairn of Old Kilgobbin – Carlene Bronner,
Carl is the absolute greatest and dearest. We LOVE her! We would go and have a wedding meeting and spend hours chatting about dreams, travels, art, love, horses, relationships, family, life and laughter. We love Kilgobbin. It really is the most special and enchanting place.

Chapel: The Crab Apple Chapel – Helen and Barend,
Helen and Barend are the sweetest couple and so kind and accommodating. As soon as we walked into the chapel it was a done deal. It really is like something from Lord of the Rings.

Decor: Carlene Bronner from The Cairn of Old Kilgobbin
We told Carl to do whatever she wanted to do with the venue, decor & flowers. We didn’t have a theme, style or colours. We just wanted her to go for it and be free in her creativity. It was perfect. She has an incredible talent and we wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Catering: A Pinch of Salt Catering – Hayley Fyvie, / 0722217749
Hayley and team did an amazing job of keeping our family and friend’s bellies full. The food kept coming and it was yummy!

Flowers: Chapel arrangements, bouquets, flower crown. The lovely Carolyn from Adore Weddings
Its beautiful to be able to share a special day with the most special friend. Carolyn you are such a blessing. Everything was perfect and how I imagined it to be. You let me dream of what I wanted and made it happened.

Hair & Make up: Charelle McAllister 079 888 8777 /
Charelle is so lovely, warm-hearted, incredibly talented and professional. Totally recommend her, she’s just cool!

Brides Dress: Emma Pallet and Lauren Taylor
Having plan A, B & C fail and three weeks to go with no dress, I approached my dear friends Emma & Lauren to see if they could help me out. Thank goodness they said yes! I had a clear picture in my mind of what I wanted and they just got it and they get me. Sometime friends are the best people to ask for help. This was their first creation and a real team effort of figuring it all out. And I’m totally going to wear it again… often

Brides shoes: Given to bride as a gift from a dear friend

Bridesmaids dresses: Each bridesmaid chose their own individual dress. The less planning the better. They each just went with whatever they wanted.

Groom’s Suit: Hilton Weiner and then some shorts to make the groom feel like himself

Priest: Our dear friend Deta Clark

Live Music: The talented Aden Hinds –

Craft Beer on Tap: The Standeaven Brewery
Craft Beer on tap is always fun. The Standeaven Brewery came to the party offering a great variety of home made brew for all. Watermelon Beer for the win!

Agility Studio Opening

I had the joy of creating a little bit of whimsical pretty for the opening of Agility Pilates Studio, based in The Design Factory, Durban. Headed up by Kim McCusker, former dancer and movement guru, this studio looks set to be the place to go to get your mind and body back in balance! This is a space well worth the visit.

Enjoy friends x

Ash & Jom Anniversary Shoot - Dark and Glam

Second look from Ash & Jom’s wedding anniversary shoot. Love the deep colours against the deepening sky, black rocks and deliciously textured sand!

Enjoy friends x

Photography: Bron from Vanilla Photography
Hair & Make Up: Camilla from The Make Up Artist
Flowers: Carolyn Adore Weddings

Ash & Jom Anniversary Shoot - Soft and Pretty

Ash and Jom have been married for 7 years! To celebrate this beautiful milestone, they decided to have a styled shoot. This is the pretty that Bronny, Cam, Ash, Jom and I pulled together in honour of their love story.

This shoot is especially special because Ash is a team member. She often comes in to help me create the pretty for weddings … her ‘job description’, along with an arm long list of skills and talents, includes keeping us watered and fed while we’re on the go! Bless you Ash for reminding me to eat, for your ongoing, deep enthusiasm and for all your support and love - especially after a couple of 18 hour days in a row! You are so deeply appreciated xxx

Enjoy the pretty friends!

Photography: Bron from Vanilla Photography
Hair & Make Up: Camilla from The Make Up Artist
Flowers: Carolyn Adore Weddings