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Shaun & Fay

Shaun and Fay are two of the most chilled, in love, and beautiful souls you’ll get to meet. Fay’s gentle boho heart and Shaun’s sense of humour and fun were an integral part of their family and friend filled celebration. As a South African heading back home to get married, I dealt with Fay via email for her entire flower planning process and in the end she gave me free reign to bring her heart’s desires to life … always my favorite way to work! Thank you Fay for trusting me to make pretty for your celebration. It was such an honour to get to be a part of your wedding. Wishing you and Shaun the best life of travels, adventure and love together always! Love these incredible pictures by Casey Pratt Photography, they capture the heart of this day and this couple perfectly!

Photography: Casey Pratt
HAMU: Charelle McAllister

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